All Alone

I am all alone,
even though I am standing in a crowd.

No one can hear me,
because they are too busy
being popular.

When I am here,
they just ignore me.
When I speak,
they just laugh.

They are blindfolded
by trying
to be someone they are not.

When I am here,
no one can see me.
I am kind of invisible,
but I am not really hiding.

They go on with their talk,
on their little island.
Do not even notice the world outside.

It hurts me,
that it has to be this way.

No one by my side,
but I manage to fight the tears.
But I can not forget the wounds inside.

I am tougher than the rest,
standing here all alone.

I want to let go of this place,
and make an end.

It is tough,
got no scars to show.

They hope to see me crawl,
they hope to see me fall.

If I leave this place,
I will leave no trace.
Because I know,
they don’t care.

To them,
I do not matter,
I do not even exist.

They just follow the rest,
trying not to be the outsider.
Well, I do not really care,
I am leaving them out of my life,
anyhow, anyway.

They do not realise
how foolish they are.
No one is independent enough,
struggling to fit in.

Well hey,
I would rather go on,
being all alone.

Just being me.

Because I am not the one,
who is living a life based on a lie.


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A Disgrace to Mankind

You laugh at me,
but I only feel disregarded.
A disgrace to mankind.
I am not impressed.

You tell me tales that have already been told,
you humiliate yourself.
You deal with the devil
and sell your soul.

I look into your eyes,
and I can only see two big black holes.
I look at your smile,
and I can only see your teeth.

I can only see you,
the person outside.
You are a disgrace to mankind,
search within for every piece you can find.

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Andre øyne

Jeg ser med andre øyne nå.
Andre øyne enn det jeg gjorde før.
Det er ikke min fornuft som har forandret seg,
heller mitt hjerte.
Det er ikke fordi jeg ikke elsker deg lenger,
det er heller at jeg ikke liker deg så godt som før.

Jeg har tatt av meg brillene.
Ikke fordi jeg ikke trenger dem lenger,
men fordi solen ikke lenger er så sterk.
Og selv om solen går ned
vil den stå opp igjen i morgen.
Noen ganger gjemt bak skyene riktignok.

Før trodde jeg at noe var mye mer enn enn noe.
Før trodde jeg at mye var mye mer enn mye.
Nå vet jeg at noe er er mye mer enn mye.
Nå vet jeg at mye er mye mer enn noe.
Kulepennen din er ikke som andre kulepenner.
Din kulepenn lagde kulehull i mitt uberørte ark.


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