Love Lives in Strange Places

Like demons from the past.
It never changes.
It never does.

I still remember all those years of
lingering pain.
Words can be crushed by what can’t be seen.
Lies can hurt more than the truth.

And still,
that’s what I believe.
You made me the victim.
A victim of my former self.

There’s a whisper from my past
that caress my soul.
I’m never going to trust the likes of you again.
The guilt of what I was then.

I can’t describe how,
but I do know that
love lives in strange places.
Like this.

Even though I hesitate,
it makes me pure somehow.
Still feeling the same,
sitting here in this mermaid chair.

I’d love to love,
but I daren’t try.
Even if I wanted to,
I have no choice.

It’s bound to be different,
yet nothing seems to change.
Miserable being the operative word,
still with a bright smile.


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Ondskapens teater

Den er forkledd.
En maske skjuler dens ansikt.
Ondsinnhetens marionetter danser.
På de skrå bredder vifter ondskapens lakeier på sine kleder.

Deres bleke sannheter tilsynliggjøres raskt.
Besettelsens mørke krefter forhekser.
Løgndommen skjuler sine spor.
Uforklarligheten spiller deg et puss.
Svimeslår den neste.

Gemenheten arrangerer tryllekurs.
Ønsker oppmerksomhet.
Tiltrekke seg publikum.
Trekke massene ned i sitt sorte hull.
I uheldighetens uendelighet.

Skuespillernes replikker støter de ustøtlige.
Fantastenes uvirkelighet blir til virkelighet.
Ondskapens teater fremmer nederdrektighetens illusjonister.
Styggedommens mykhet hardner mitt skall.


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Rate Me

There are no finished lines,
only a sense of a wonder overdue.
The history makes itself.

As I watch the sunrise,
I wash away all my thoughts.
How do you rate me?

Be your only fantasy,
unless in captivity.

In the end
love is only chemicals,
simply find the words to me.

Stop the anger seeping out.
Behave now.
Yet I bleed inside.

I thought I wasn’t
but I’m hurt.
Bittersweet devotion.

Save myself for a rainy day.
Eggshells break
as I’m threading lightly on the ground.


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The Reason

Don’t misunderstand me.
You should know the reason behind it all.
Things seems so small.

Taste of love.
I just want to fall back.
Fall back into your arms.
A soft place to fall.

Memories found me again.
Ask me anything.
On other hand,
please don’t.

Just hide.
Lay down with me.

You taught me.
Every lesson.
Every tear which fell for you.
It ended a long time ago.

Take look.
Up there.
Keep looking in the sky.
Then you might see me.


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I got to find a way to make you feel.
Make you understand me.
Just be true.
I’m going to find a way.

There shouldn’t be sweeping pain.
I wish I could show you,
the same dull aching which grows inside of me.
There are no exits.

Only reality,
walk here with me.
I weep,
without permission.

Is it closure?
Be ready,
though still in disguise.
It’s too heavy for me.

I just wanted somebody to care.
It’s like a wonder overdue.
Your talk.
Do you know how it feels?


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